Programs & Services

We have been providing services to children for over 100 years.

We serve clients aged 8-23, and provide 24 hour care for our live-in clients. 

Referrals for admission are accepted from the Department of Services for Children, Youth, and their Families. The Murphey School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, or any other status protected by law.


Everyday Living

Our children reside in four cottages on campus. Each client has their own bedroom, and our program is administered by nuturing staff who have all passed state and federal background checks.

We endeavour to maintain a fair, firm, and consistent routine for our clients while balancing it with the need for a “family-style” atmosphere.

Educational Needs

 Our children attend state-approved school programs, as determined by the needs of the child. Each child has an Educational Advocate who works with the teachers, social workers, and tutors to give them the best possible chances to succeed.

Medical & Counseling Needs

Our staff ensure that children are transported for annual physicals, eye exams, dental appointments, psychiatric appointments, and regular counseling as needed. All staff are trained in Limited Lay Administration of Medication (LLAM) and are recertified annually. We have an on-site nurse who oversees medical needs and medications.

Health & Recreation

Our Food Services Program works to design nutritious, delicious meals. We encourage physical activity and have an on-site exercise facility, a full-size basketball court, and a recently-renovated playground.

For any child who wishes to participate in school or community sports programs, we provide the necessary equipment and transportation to and from practices and games.

Independent Living Program

Our IL Program services youth aged 16-23 all thoughout Kent County. Each youth is prepared for self-sufficiency & independence by helping them learn job skills, money management, educational plannning, and interpersonal skills.

We have a Transitional Living Program available to young adults who have aged out of care. These services are provided in both on campus and off campus building owned by the School.

Ronald McDonald House

The Murphey School is one of the only known group homes to offer this service. We have a two-bedroom apartment on campus that allows trial visitation with family and out-of-town extended family members. This service is offered through a grant from the Ronald McDonald Corporation and is free to families. To make arrangements for its use, please contact Murlene Clark.

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